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Stabilizer Screw

Stabilizer Screw
Stabilizer Screw


Stabilizer Screw M22x2.5

Compatible Model

FENDT LINE STABILIZER ELBOW SCREW 135872040030 THREAD M22x2.5 L: 44 mm APPLICATION: Fendt Farmer 240S, 250S, 250SA, 260P, 260PA, 270P, 270PA, 275SA, 280PSA, 280PA, 280S, 2803S, 300SA, 280SA, 280PA, 280S, 2803SA, 300SA 304LSA, 305LS, 305LSA, 306LS, 306LSA, 307, 307C, 307LS, 307LSA, 308, 308C, 308LS, 308LSA, 309, 309C, 309LSA, GT Kommunal F231GT Kommunal, F250GT Kommunal, F250GTAIITII, F250GT Kommunal, F250GTAIIGTII, F250GT Kommunal, F250GTAIIGTII, F250GT Kommunal, F250GTKommunal, F250GTAIIGTII Kommunal, FL345, FL360
  • Brands: Fdt
  • Model: MTP6061
Tags: 135872040030
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