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Levelling Box

Levelling Box
Levelling Box


Levelling Box Assembly Valtra Valmet 6250 -

Compatible Model

Valtra / Valmet

6000 Series

6250 HI, 6350 HI, 6550 HI, 6650 HI, 6750 HI, 6850 HI

8000 Series

8050 HI, 8150 HI, 8350 HI, 8450 HI, 8550 HI, 8950 HI

C Series

C100, C110, C120, C120 E, C130, C150, C90

M Series

M120, M120 E, M130, M150

N Series

N101 Classic, N101 HI-TECH, N103 H3, N103 H5 HI-TECH, N103.4 H3, N103.4 H5 HI-TECH, N111 Classic, N111 E HI-TEC, N111 E LS, N111 HI-TECH, N113 H3, N113 H5 HI-TECH, N121 HI-TEC, N121 LS, N122 Direct, N122 Versu, N123 Direct, N123 H3, N123 H5 HI-TECH, N123 Versu, N141 HI-TEC, N141 LS, N142 Direct, N142 Versu, N143 Direct, N143 H3, N143 Versu, N163 Direct, N163 Versu, N82 HI-TECH, N91 Classic, N91 HI-TEC, N92 HI-TEC, N93 H3, N93 H5 HI-TECH

XM Series

XM130, XM150

T Series

T120, T130, T133 HI-TECH, T140 E, T150, T151 EH, T151 ELS, T153 Direct, T153 HI-TECH, T153 Versu, T160, T161 C, T161 H, T161 LS, T163 ED, T163 EV, T170, T171 LS, T173 HI-TECH, T180, T190, T191 HI-TECH, T191 LS, T193 HI-TECH X Series X100 HI, X110 HI, X120 HI T2 Series T132 D/V, T152 D/V, T162 D/EV, T172 D/V

TC/TCH Series

T120 C/CH, T121 H/C, T130 C/CH, T131 H/C, T140 E C/CH, T150 C/CH, T160 C/CH, T170 C/CH, T171 C/H

  • Brands: Valtra Valmet
  • Model: MTP5007
  • OEM: ACV0200660, V33360800
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