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Lower link Kat 2/2 890mm

Compatible Model

Massey Ferguson

154, 154C, 154F, 154S, 154V, 174, 174C, 174F, 174S, 174V, 184, 184F, 184S, 194, 194C, 194F,         
194S, 234C, 234CF, 234S, 254, 254C, 254CF, 254S, 263 (UK), 263T (Italy), 264T, 264TCF, 264TS, 273, 274, 274C, 274CF, 274S, 274SK, 2745, 333, 353, 353LX, 353S, 363, 363LX, 363S, 373, 373LX, 373S, 377, 382N, 383, 383LX, 383S, 393, 393LX, 393S, 393TLX

Tags: 3533293M91
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