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Hydraulic Levelling Box

Hydraulic Levelling Box
Hydraulic Levelling Box


Hydraulic Lift Link

Compatible Model

Case: Series: MXM, MXM175, MXM190 Series: Magnum,Magnum180,Magnum190,Magnum210,Magnum215,Magnum225 Series: Optum,Optum 250,Optum 270,Optum 300 Series: Puma,Puma165 CVT,Puma180 CVX,Puma185,Puma185 CVT,Puma185 CVX,Puma195 CVT,Puma200,Puma200 CVT,Puma200 CVX,Puma210 CVT,Puma220,Puma220 CVT,Puma220 CVX,Puma240 CVT,MXM175, MXM190, Puma 165, Puma 180, Puma 195, Puma 210

New Holland: T7.195S, T7.220, T7.230, T7.235, T7.245, T7.250, T7.260, T7.270

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