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Case IH

Brands: Case IH Model: MTP3112
OEM : 1272944C2, 49836CE, 149837C1, 1272852C2, 110450A1, 149838C1, 149836C4, 395776A1, 1272852C1, 1272670C2
Levelling Box Case Magnum 7100 7200 8900 9300..
Brands: Case IH Model: MTP3037
OEM : 47134361
Lift Link..
Brands: New Holland Model: MTP3001
OEM : VPL2063, 84177953, 47133994, 5197821, 5197825, 5197826, 04.0682.00.4, 84385467, 87316262
Levelling Box         ..
Brands: Case IH Model: MTP3172
OEM : G109434
Case Loader Lift Cylinder..
Brands: Case IH Model: MTP3137
OEM : 234447A1, D84800, D128454
16-1/4" center-to-center closed, 23" center-to-center open Double piston cylinder replaces single piston cylinder..
Brands: New Holland Model: MTP3067
OEM : 5197252
Stabiliser New Holland T7s TM175 TM190 Case..
Brands: Case IH Model: MTP3115
OEM : 112923A1
Stabiliser Case 5120 5130 5140 5150 5220 5240Fi 19mm M24..
Brands: Case IH Model: MTP3061
OEM : 310208A2, B111571
Stabiliser Case MX80 - MX135..
Brands: New Holland Model: MTP3088
OEM : 5127015
Stabiliser Bracket Fiat 100-90    ..
Brands: Case IH Model: MTP3064
OEM : 197192A1, 1965392C3, 040370004, 224072A2, 248785A4
Case International Levelling Box Assembly Minimum Length: 530mm. Maximum Length: 655mm. Ball I.D: 20mm. Distance Between Forks: 32.5mm...
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