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Brand: John Deere Model: MTP1268
OEM : AL31239, AL38448
Oil Cooler for 11..
Brand: Case IH Model: MTP3253
OEM : 3131579R91, 787141R92, 787141R91
Brand: John Deere Model: MTP1271
OEM : AT20849
Radiator for 11..
Brand: New Holland Model: MTP2252
OEM : 87306756, 82033796, 82033774,87574206, 82027546
Brand: Case IH Model: MTP3288
OEM : 133153218
Brand: John Deere Model: MTP1276
OEM : AL31237, AL37568
Brand: John Deere Model: MTP1327
OEM : AL64323, AL66766
Brand: Massey Ferguson Model: MTP4509
OEM : 3307942M96, 3546937M91
Brand: Massey Ferguson Model: MTP4526
OEM : 186732M91, 181623M91 186830M91, 1868330M91
Brand: Case IH Model: MTP3264
OEM : K922003, K922057, K922058
Brand: Fendt Model: MTP6171
OEM : H718202050101, H718202050100
Brand: John Deere Model: MTP1293
OEM : AT6474, AL 24115
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